Industrial Pipe Shelf... March 26 2014, 0 Comments

We are hard at work here at V.I. Supply, and each day continue to build our product base up with really, really cool stuff. It's a delicate process, as we don't want to throw just anything out there. We want everything we create to live up to the expectations we have for ourselves, which is tough - because not everything is cool enough to be given the V.I. Supply stamp of approval.

Our newest addition is pretty neat. This industrial pipe shelf is a significant and way-cool step beyond the typical boring bookshelves you see every time you turn around.

There is beauty in its minimalist look and feel. There isn't a large, unnecessary footprint taking up more space than needed on your wall, and there aren't massive flat surfaces collecting dust day after day. It is strong, it is robust, and it gives off that feeling of "the right tool for the job" that we just absolutely love.

Also, it weighs only 7.55 lbs - how many other bookshelves can say that? How many bookshelves can easily be installed by yourself?

We love this book shelf, and are excited that it's finally added to our product line.