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Exposed Brick Wall... June 20 2014, 0 Comments

Greetings and salutations, friends! Many apologies for not having updated the blog in some time, but I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into one of the things that has been consuming my time recently.

While it's definitely not totally completed as of yet (need to deal with the fireplace, address crown molding situation, etc.), I think it turned out really great. The wall was plastered over in the early 1900's, so this is the first time the brick has seen the light of day in 100 years. Crazy!

If I could give you one important tip if you're thinking of taking on this kind of project, it would be to NEVER DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Kidding. But seriously, over prepare. Put plastic over everything. Treat the room in which you're working as if it had a deadly airborne disease floating around inside, and have super-crazy-great ventilation to the outside at all times.

So. Much. Dust.

Look What You've Done: Mel's Pallet Coffee Table... April 24 2014, 0 Comments

A few weeks ago, a nice young lady from Quebec named Mel bought four of our 4 inch cast iron Vintage swivel casters. Through various messages on our Etsy store, she said that her intent was to use them to spice up a hand-crafted coffee table made from reused and upcycled shipping pallets, and I made her promise to send me pictures of the finished product when she was done.

She did not disappoint! Here are a few shots she sent me of what she came up with...

Love love love the Anchor Brewing theme! Love it so much! Those wonderful people out in San Francisco make some of the most delicious beer you'll find anywhere.

Here it is from a wider angle. You can tell she put a lot of time and effort into this project, and it looks great. She even added multiple shelves and smaller flat surfaces so she'd have many different places to misplace her remote. Ha!

Here you can see exactly how the casters make this a truly unique piece. I've seen a ton of poorly-made pallet coffee tables with casters someone picked up from the Home Depot (gross!) and they just don't give you that Vintage-Industrial feel that something with a spoked wheel hub and non-shiny finish on the swivel fork does. Mel went above and beyond, and you can tell she's going to get many a compliment on her coffee table during her next dinner party. Assuming she does dinner parties, of course.

Many thanks to Mel for sharing her work with us! I couldn't be more proud to have my product displayed so wonderfully on such a unique piece of furniture. Working with DIY enthusiasts is the best part of doing what I do.


Industrial Pipe Shelf... March 26 2014, 0 Comments

We are hard at work here at V.I. Supply, and each day continue to build our product base up with really, really cool stuff. It's a delicate process, as we don't want to throw just anything out there. We want everything we create to live up to the expectations we have for ourselves, which is tough - because not everything is cool enough to be given the V.I. Supply stamp of approval.

Our newest addition is pretty neat. This industrial pipe shelf is a significant and way-cool step beyond the typical boring bookshelves you see every time you turn around.

There is beauty in its minimalist look and feel. There isn't a large, unnecessary footprint taking up more space than needed on your wall, and there aren't massive flat surfaces collecting dust day after day. It is strong, it is robust, and it gives off that feeling of "the right tool for the job" that we just absolutely love.

Also, it weighs only 7.55 lbs - how many other bookshelves can say that? How many bookshelves can easily be installed by yourself?

We love this book shelf, and are excited that it's finally added to our product line.

DIY Tip: LED lights are awesome... March 03 2014, 0 Comments

I'm an admitted DIY addict. That is to say, I like to take stuff that others would throw out and make something really cool out of it. While that process seems simple enough in its description, actually getting around to coming up with an idea, making plans, gathering materials, starting the project, fighting through the inevitable bumps in the road, and finishing the project is a different story all together.

To help those who want to help themselves become expert DIY warriors, I like to pass along whatever tips and tricks I have accumulated to the masses. Here is one such tip...


And they are more affordable than ever. While I very much prefer to source my materials from local vendors (and sometimes even local dumpsters), it's hard to pass up this deal from the almighty Amazon - 16.4 feet of sinfully easy to install LED lights, complete with remote control, sticky backs for installation simplicity, the ability to easily program your own patterns, and your choice of every color under the sun with the simple touch of a button. Have mercy.

Add them quickly and easily to a variety of home applications: inside the shelving of your entertainment unit, on a bookshelf above your bed, under your kitchen cabinets, around the sinks in your bathroom, on the staircase in your entryway, or even on the legs of your coffee table.

The possibilities are seriously endless, and they add a touch of modern class to that area of your home that you've been wanting to update on a budget.