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DIY Tip: LED lights are awesome... March 03 2014, 0 Comments

I'm an admitted DIY addict. That is to say, I like to take stuff that others would throw out and make something really cool out of it. While that process seems simple enough in its description, actually getting around to coming up with an idea, making plans, gathering materials, starting the project, fighting through the inevitable bumps in the road, and finishing the project is a different story all together.

To help those who want to help themselves become expert DIY warriors, I like to pass along whatever tips and tricks I have accumulated to the masses. Here is one such tip...


And they are more affordable than ever. While I very much prefer to source my materials from local vendors (and sometimes even local dumpsters), it's hard to pass up this deal from the almighty Amazon - 16.4 feet of sinfully easy to install LED lights, complete with remote control, sticky backs for installation simplicity, the ability to easily program your own patterns, and your choice of every color under the sun with the simple touch of a button. Have mercy.

Add them quickly and easily to a variety of home applications: inside the shelving of your entertainment unit, on a bookshelf above your bed, under your kitchen cabinets, around the sinks in your bathroom, on the staircase in your entryway, or even on the legs of your coffee table.

The possibilities are seriously endless, and they add a touch of modern class to that area of your home that you've been wanting to update on a budget.