Rockwell Gear Stool

$ 295.00 $ 410.00

This is the Rockwell Gear Stool. It is an undeniably wonderful addition to any space, and immediately enhances the "Vintage Industrial" feel which is frequently difficult to achieve.

Weighing in at a hardy 18.8 lbs, it features a robust 12 inch diameter x 1 inch thick seat made from distressed wood, and a solid, cast iron base and stem. The black powder-coated base measures in at 9.75 inches, and is perfectly level with the ground.

The gear mechanism is effortlessly operated using the hand-crank, which features a unique, free-spinning wooden handle. Overall heights, from the ground to the top of the seat, vary depending on your preference, and are rigidly locked into place using the cast iron hand-operated winged nut that is standard on each stool. Overall heights can range anywhere from 17 inches when fully lowered to 26 inches when fully extended.

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